by Mr. Day Job



A soundscape of chronic insomnia.


released July 11, 2013



Track Name: D.L.S. △

i got that morning wood / she got that morning dew / if i have morning breath, girl its ok, i smell like you / i made her hit them notes / call me daddy long stroke / when she need a fix, i go to work like that thang broke / its all about the motion / slow it down, speed it up / she like to hear that smackin' sound as i start to beat it up / soundin' like percussion / only fools rush in / taught her how moonwalk, she finished on backspin / break dance with me / sweaty, sticky / dont you dare close your eyes, i need you here with me girl / that first one came quick / i did not expect it / just give me fifteen minutes to recharge up this rocket / real nigga intermission / now im on a mission / best sellin author, publish my second edition / i dont give a damn girl / but got damn, girl! / her scent is still up in my beard, i cant escape her / she tremble in my clutch / split it like a dutch / she said you hit it better than so & so and such & such / you fuckin' with the ace girl / come stay at my place girl / but give me my space, i wont hesitate to replace her / the stars are in alignment / here is your assignment / call me daddy long stroke when i get up inside it
Track Name: Greene Eyes Remix (feat. Von Pea, Quelle Chris, Donwill, Fresh Daily, & Cavalier) △

im at the barbershop, gettin my top tight / my barber talkin' bout the old days / decepticons & bottle fights / and i ain't even from this ho / but i bet you couldn't tell / from the shit that i know and the way my words flow / brooklyn to the bone gristle / 6 inch wheat tims and my camo is military issue / 5 panel tilted, back of my head, i keep the brim straight / and when niggas test, i gotta demonstrate / my borough is sovereign / to enter you need a passport / 'cause you might get checked by one of my cohorts / 14 karat gold slum computer wizards / locks hangin', chain swangin' like chicken gizzards / ayo, we get it in on the parkway / i rep fulton & nostrand / fuck barclays / live niggas relate / when i articulate / im not fuckin with wack niggas like girls when they menstruate / i meditate in darkness / project through the cannabis / so when i spit this shit its fuckin' unanimous / dark skin with the red eyes / in the crib, drinking whiskey / reading nietzsche, clippin' my bonsai / black mr. miyagi / but still chakra zulu shabazz malcolm mandela bantu mutulu
Track Name: Grits (feat. Jones & Blumenberg) △

i grew up with my grand-mamma right next door / her crib smelled like icy-hot, mothballs and camphor / with a old school ice box / the kitchen was drafty / she'd grip me with arthritic hands & kiss me gently / humming church tunes / precious lord take my hand / took it with a heart attack / i didnt understand / im a man / i was ten then / playin with tonka trucks / talkin' loud in class / passin' notes, actin' up / i guess her open heart surgery / didnt work perfectly / that fried pork & sugar, didnt know it was hurting me / i'm trynna wisen up, but still / everybody in my family diabetic or on blood pressure pills / thats the plight of this dark skin / reality we live in / church every sunday just trynna get to heaven / i'll be there soon... can''t front / Jesus couldn't help us, so i pray to Oshun / my family don't understand it, but i gotta handle it / i bless my chakras with high john, just to manage it / the closer i get, the farther i move / they don't get me / but i'm aiight, Obatala walks with me / you can't teach it, i tried to / but to see the truth you gotta see the lie too
Track Name: SLEEPLESS △

klonopin made me move slow / i already move slow / blue as a child but grew up into an indigo / my higher self upon my lower self like a pedestal / dont trust your medical, so reefer tints my retinal / sleepless but my day dreams intellectual and sexual / blueprints from broad strokes, my minds architectural / ask me anything, my sanity is questionable / it said it on the label... / when i was still prenatal... / this little nigga will not follow your bullshit fables, check him! / intercept him, recover his weapon / feed him lots of flouride with lies and deception / dumb him down and build him up / teach him to assimilate / school him with them white kids, tell him that he's priviledged, he won't even hesitate, 'cause he don't know his heritage / vibrations will resonate, but he won't identify / he can't sleep at night 'cause his pineal is calcified / the nature of the cycles we in / mean everything still moves to the beat of the same circadian rhythym / plant a seed, water it / sprout it and garden it / i could get metaphysic, but trynna get to the heart of it / met a dream girl in my dream world / she fucked me like she loved me / loved me like she needed me / then left me 'cause i needed me / insecurities keep me awake / she said she didn't come / but fuck it, i kingdom came, it couldn't wait / been up five days straight / on dopeamine and nicotine / fasting on the master cleanse, workin' crystals & precious gems / word to the elohim / word to my melanin / word to the people i had to sever / i still remember them / rhymin for the hell of it / feel like sex for the celibate / broke my stroke i'm writin so hard, and i don't edit it / my citizen ship set sail towards sovereignty / im strollin' by my lonely, you can't walk the same land as me / dont trust their doctrine / live life like a bedoin / brush your teeth daily, get some head, every now & then / shower in the morning... pray in the evening / burn some green in between and question what you believe in / sleepless