Greene Eyes Remix (feat. Von Pea, Quelle Chris, Donwill, Fresh Daily, & Cavalier) △

from by Mr. Day Job




im at the barbershop, gettin my top tight / my barber talkin' bout the old days / decepticons & bottle fights / and i ain't even from this ho / but i bet you couldn't tell / from the shit that i know and the way my words flow / brooklyn to the bone gristle / 6 inch wheat tims and my camo is military issue / 5 panel tilted, back of my head, i keep the brim straight / and when niggas test, i gotta demonstrate / my borough is sovereign / to enter you need a passport / 'cause you might get checked by one of my cohorts / 14 karat gold slum computer wizards / locks hangin', chain swangin' like chicken gizzards / ayo, we get it in on the parkway / i rep fulton & nostrand / fuck barclays / live niggas relate / when i articulate / im not fuckin with wack niggas like girls when they menstruate / i meditate in darkness / project through the cannabis / so when i spit this shit its fuckin' unanimous / dark skin with the red eyes / in the crib, drinking whiskey / reading nietzsche, clippin' my bonsai / black mr. miyagi / but still chakra zulu shabazz malcolm mandela bantu mutulu


from SLEEPLESS △, track released May 20, 2013
Original track produced by Quelle Christopher