Grits (feat. Jones & Blumenberg) △

from by Mr. Day Job




i grew up with my grand-mamma right next door / her crib smelled like icy-hot, mothballs and camphor / with a old school ice box / the kitchen was drafty / she'd grip me with arthritic hands & kiss me gently / humming church tunes / precious lord take my hand / took it with a heart attack / i didnt understand / im a man / i was ten then / playin with tonka trucks / talkin' loud in class / passin' notes, actin' up / i guess her open heart surgery / didnt work perfectly / that fried pork & sugar, didnt know it was hurting me / i'm trynna wisen up, but still / everybody in my family diabetic or on blood pressure pills / thats the plight of this dark skin / reality we live in / church every sunday just trynna get to heaven / i'll be there soon... can''t front / Jesus couldn't help us, so i pray to Oshun / my family don't understand it, but i gotta handle it / i bless my chakras with high john, just to manage it / the closer i get, the farther i move / they don't get me / but i'm aiight, Obatala walks with me / you can't teach it, i tried to / but to see the truth you gotta see the lie too


from SLEEPLESS △, track released June 10, 2013
Original track produced by RZA