The Feeling (Chakra Zulu Remix)

by Mr. Day Job feat. Domo Genesis



"The music industry and new media have become offensively incestuous and corny. We need to define a new underground completely removed from the machine. I have never been to a studio. I recorded this in my Brooklyn bedroom using only a laptop, a Plantronics headset, and a freeware four-track recorder program developed in 1996 (which, coincidentally, was also one of the greatest years in terms of hip-hop's maturation and contribution to culture). This is pure and organic; no marketing or tricknology. I don't want any money. I don't want any accolades. This is for me, and for the culture. Share it if you feel it and are so inclined. Bless."

- Mr. Day Job



ayo these new rappers think they live, they just slaves to these corporations controlling our lives / yo tell me this, how yo video liver than yo verses? / these niggas is all marketing, it's disheartening / we got more emcees than fans, but gotdamn, if yall aint saying nothin', then i aint payin nothin' / word to frances cress welsing, i spit that isis paper knowledge everytime i rap-sing / peep my blackness / straight from my heart chakra / just call me chakra zulu shabazz malcolm mandela bantu mutulu /i'm a black royal, virile king who can't be fucked wit' / hannibal marching with elephants, fuck a musket / I.R.S. wanna take my money, but they can't take my knowledge-of-self, my serenity or divinity / it's written like rosetta stone / bangin in your headphones / toking on the diesel, blow it up into the ozone / take a bullet for these words i spit, if its my destiny / at least i'll leave here wit' these muthafuckas respectin' me / i ain't sittin down no more / had a chip on my shoulder, then it turned into plymouth rock bolder / government faker than mr. ross, you can't front 'cause you know i'm tellin the truth / UNGHH! now thats boss / real shit / you cant see me, i'm low key in bedstuy with the africans, politickin' in fulani / newports in system, whiskey in my system / i should've been a panther, born late, i just missed 'em / it go 'one for the dough, two for the hoes', three for thickness of my lips and my nose, bitch i'm african


released August 18, 2012
Produced by: The Alchemist