D​.​L​.​S. △

from by Mr. Day Job




i got that morning wood / she got that morning dew / if i have morning breath, girl its ok, i smell like you / i made her hit them notes / call me daddy long stroke / when she need a fix, i go to work like that thang broke / its all about the motion / slow it down, speed it up / she like to hear that smackin' sound as i start to beat it up / soundin' like percussion / only fools rush in / taught her how moonwalk, she finished on backspin / break dance with me / sweaty, sticky / dont you dare close your eyes, i need you here with me girl / that first one came quick / i did not expect it / just give me fifteen minutes to recharge up this rocket / real nigga intermission / now im on a mission / best sellin author, publish my second edition / i dont give a damn girl / but got damn, girl! / her scent is still up in my beard, i cant escape her / she tremble in my clutch / split it like a dutch / she said you hit it better than so & so and such & such / you fuckin' with the ace girl / come stay at my place girl / but give me my space, i wont hesitate to replace her / the stars are in alignment / here is your assignment / call me daddy long stroke when i get up inside it


from SLEEPLESS △, track released May 21, 2013
Original track produced by Iman Omari (The World Is Yours)