I Need A Fu​*​king Therapist (Interlude) (Belt​-​holders Full Moon Remix)

by Mr. Day Job

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émile zola



ayo. i'm swimmin in a chocha / readin emile zola / eatin a bean pie / rockin a red bow tie / brooklyn on the come up / fu*k this new rap sh*t / take me back to 95 with dial up internet / camos & cowries, double soled timberlands, champion hoods & mazda mpv minivans / i aint a street nig*a but im in these streets nig*a and i bet u wont mistake me for a weak nig*a / on the block they like damn we love yo cologne, but i aint rocking sh*t but some real nig*a pheramones / do it for my african cats, feel me, i switch it up and rhyme in kiswahilli / gritty ass, dark skin, brown liquor hood sh*t / the rich ppl be too scared to gentrify it / bench press rap / tho it up and then flex on u / they gotta call the ambulance and the medics on you / smokin on a 'port, know i need to stop dat but shit, gimme a break, u know a nigga nerves bad / this beat on repeat is about to gimme a seizure /blackout out on a track, then i call it amnesia / on some 68' tommie smith shit / my black power fist leave nig*as with fat lips / i'm runnin' on no sleep / my tank on empty / i rolla spliff with one hand in a backwood leafe / turn it up, i smoke loud / i'm regal, im so proud / poke my chest out cause i know what i'm talking about / free-base cane flow / go where you can't go / 41 bars, thats for amadou diallo / i will never slow it down, so i hope that you can follow / when i get in my zone, it's on / showtime, apollo! / creed, knock rocky out, ready for the title bout / wrote this in my sleep and woke up just to spit it out / going for the gusto, writin' like michael musto / for the village voice and my voice is a tornado / brooklyn.


released February 7, 2012